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Training Snapshots

Facilitators’ Orientation & Training Programme

Counsellor Training & Business Development

Vriddhi – Teachers Enhancement Programme – Bangalore – 14th July ’12

As it’s always an incessant endeavor from NAKS to uphold its I Play I Learn centers to deliver quality to set a yardstick for the preschool world, we presented ‘Vriddhi’ (Growth) a training programme for the teachers to improvise or enhance their quality of teaching to raise the bar even higher.
Facilitators are the biggest assets of any institution helping them add value to their existing skills would enhance their ability to kindle the curiosity of the young minds at our I Play I Learn centers to explore, develop, and discover which subsequently would make learning a joyful experience. A foundation of this sought for our preschoolers would make their journey of learning much easier since they are taught how to think instead of what to think. We would be proud recipients for the geniuses’ in making.

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