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Parents as Partners

I Play I Learn – the Gen-Next Pre-school (Play it up with a new innovation).

‘Together we will make a difference!’

Parents are born with the birth of their child. Parenthood is a bond of affection and unconditional love that strengthens with involvement of the parents in their child’s development.

Parenting is a cheerful learning journey that is most sumptuous during childhood.  It is an engaging and enjoyable phase of life for parents. Parenting is a process and challenging task sometimes. We would like to walk hand in hand through this journey to create sweet memories of your child’s development.

e ensure on parent’s involvement for the holistic development of the little ones. Children are at home for the major part of the day and it is important for the parents to know ‘what’ we have introduced to them at I Play I Learn and ‘how’.

Our facilitators will share this joyous experience of nurturing the young minds holistically with parent’s partnership in this process.

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