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My Hobbies

Aptitude is the potential waiting to sprout and develop into a talent.  Every child is bestowed with numerous such talents that are seeking an outbreak to expression.

Right from the fad of watching the still landscapes, foliage, animals and birds to climbing tress, rocks, dancing to the tunes, composing, singing, sketching and stretching strokes of paint on a canvas… every child has a personalized choice.

Young children are a storehouse of myriad talents that need to be identified and enhanced. ‘My Hobbies’ acknowledges this special choice and advances these interests to develop them into special talents.

My Hobbies’ pampers every child with interesting activities in different domains to foster their smartness. Hobbies are a healthy investment of time and energies to seek a satisfying outcome. We nurture and nourish the curious minds with apt resources & professional guidance to harness their smartness into shimmering talents.

I Play I Learn lays the foundation of the educational journey for the little ones; ‘My Hobbies’ make it pleasant and interesting to groom the personalities of the new age individuals.

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