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I Phonics

The first step in teaching your child to read is to teach him/her alphabets and the sounds which stand for those alphabet. In order to see that your child learns in the right way, we introduced herewith I Phonics in our I Play I Learn centres as another unique offering from I Play I Learn, wherein the learning begins with alphabets. I Phonics consist of the detailed design of sounds of the alphabets. The word ‘Phonetics’ has been derived from a Greek and Latin word which means sound or voice. Phonetics in an effortless term is the sound pronounced by the human voice in spoken language. The relationship between the alphabets of written language (Grapheme) and sounds of spoken language (Phoneme) is called Phonics. In order to further reassure the right learning, we have also introduced the second sound of few alphabets which in turn would facilitate the language of your child.

Each individual child is unique and gifted with a different pace of learning. Preschool years are the stepping stones for the formation of language. Thus phonics help children to bridge the gap between their pace of learning and language..

To effectively implement the process of imparting the above learning under “I-Phonics”, we have systematically packaged this in two formats, one of visuals display of the pictures of the alphabets in a book duly supplemented with relevant audio sound i.e., The “I-Phonics Book” & “I-Phonics Compact Disc”. While, the book will enhance the visual skills by providing relevant pictures of the alphabets whereas the CD will enhance the auditory skills by providing the correct phonic sounds of the alphabets. This would help in smoothening the progress of your child’s learning.

I-Phonics book is uniquely designed in order to facilitate the method of teaching your ward to read and pronounce words correctly. It is necessary that the children need to know the links between the letters & their sounds as well as have the knowledge about how to put them together so that they can pronounce words in the right way. Once this base is built your ward will be able to read the words with correct pronunciation.

I-Phonics CD aims at enhancing your child’s auditory skills by defining the distinct phonetic sounds of each alphabet which in turn speeds up the alphabetical learning. It aids these tiny tots to become acquainted to the familiar words and thus allow them to break the novel words.

The little Young minds are very inquisitive & curious at this age and always tend to explore the world around them. I Phonics CD shall impart them the scope for forming new words in a methodical process which will further help your ward to enrich his/ her own dictionary.

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