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About the Course (I Train I Teach)
This course is for teachers of students.

It is based on social and cognitive characteristics that distinguish these students from those younger and older.
The course focuses on how teachers can take advantage of these characteristics to help their students learn better.
The program is structured for aspiring teachers to be trained Comprehensively in all aspects of early childhood education and care to become professionals in pre‐primary education.
The program aims to acquaint a trainee teacher with the fundamentals of child development in the early years.
It provides theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of principles of early childhood education based on child development. It will enable trainee to acquire the attitudes, skills, insights and techniques to deal with pre‐school children.


Objective of the course

  • To acquaint the children with the concepts , principles and different approaches to curriculum planning as also to plan and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum that provides the holistic development of the child.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of Theoretical and child development knowledge and to help apply this knowledge in practice.
  • To establish supportive relationships with children and to implement developmentally appropriate techniques of handling children and group management.
  • The support, the development and learning of each child and recognize that children are best understood in the context of their family, culture and society.


Highlights of the Program

  • Child Psychology & Child Behavior management – This will empower parents and teachers to understand the concept of child development.
  • Effective class practices for the Teacher – Each and every module of the course is based on what are the most effective way/ practice for the child’s development in a pre-school environment or at home.
  • Instructional theory lectures with hands on learning Experience – It is for a better and a simplified understanding of Early Childhood theories with its execution and implementation in a preschool classroom.


Training Program for

  • Budding Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Homemakers
  • College Students
  • Only those who have passed their class XII examination or Equivalent are eligible.


Course Duration

  • Weekly two (2) Days
  • 2 Hr Session
  • 3 months session
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn

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