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1) What are your unique preschool Teaching Methodologies and how different is it from the rest of the players?

The fundamentals of pre schooling and why is it universal as a concept. Well, all kids need an environment, beginning particularly from this age that stimulates them into exploring the world around them, and it is the experience that they acquire from this environment, which stays with them for life and gives them a meaningful foundation. The meaning derived and resultant approach to deal with such experience in future for the same set of learning could be different in case of each kid.

Now, the most relevant and frequently mooted question is about the methodology adopted for triggering this stimulation. There are numerous methodologies, tried and tested across the world, scientifically substantiated that are adopted by most of the players.

The essence of our methodology tries to deal with one important crux – Let us not create a disconnect within the child.

For example, the adoptability of a certain curriculum in UK might not be relevant in India or Japan. So we cannot get rigid in the name of methodology / curriculum. Rather, what we stress on, is that one thing that cuts across all kids, irrespective of the caste, creed, race, social position, economic background, etc., is that all need and Understand PLAY and any curriculum based on PLAY is universally accepted among all kids across the globe.

We have conceptualized and configured a very unique methodology with and around the “PLAY”, which is very proprietary to us. Play is primary to a child and synonymous to childhood. Child and play are like two miscible liquids and the fact that nobody ever teaches a child to play; yet children play and learn many aspects by exploring the environment and surrounding.

2) What kind of support will I get As a I play I learn Franchise ?

  • Dedicated academic coordinator and Business development person at I Play I learn Respective Regional office for assistance
  • Annual playschool curriculum
  • Lead Management
  • Enterprise resource planning(ERP) ,business process management software that allows entire  I Play I Learn centres to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.
  • Assistance in survey, study and site selection
  • Assistance in designing the interiors and setting the layout
  • Entire TARM ( Teaching Aids Resource Materials) will  be delivered   from  I Play I learn Warehouse .
  • Assistance in recruiting and training staff
  • Extensive franchise, curriculum and teacher training
  • Conducting Parents Orientation Program (POP)
  • We conduct Annual Day programme
  • We conduct Summer Camps
  • Structured curriculum and ongoing support
  • On ground Marketing support
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Research and development

3) I am a woman with no previous Experience in Entrepreneurship. Can I take up I Play I Learn Franchise ?

I Play I Lean believes that women are innately gifted to take care of young children. Women can achieve anything they set their mind upon.  Women are organized, self-motivated, responsible, have strong networking skills and are willing to start small to grow big. We inspire and lead women to grow and fit into the shoes of an entrepreneur. We encourage women to keep both home and work functioning at their best.  We are very proud to say 90% of our franchisees are women.

4) How Much Investment is needed to start I Play I learn Preschool ?

The Investment would range between INR 6 Lacs to 8 Lacs depending upon the location and area choosen. To know more about project financials, please connect with our business development team .

5) Do I Need to own the property or can even start on leased / rented property ?

Not Necessarily, you may start our programme on   Leased/ Rented  Property .

6) How long the franchise Agreement Valid For?

Agreement Tenure will be min 3 / 5 years and can be subsequently   renewed thereafter.

7) Do I Need certain qualification to became a Franchise?

The basic qualification to be I Play I learn franchise is that you should love Kids & be passionate   to run this business with a long term vision.

8) I already own a preschool can I convert it to I Play I learn?

Yes, it is Absolutely possible to get a running play school converted to  I Play I learn provided you meet our minimum requirements.

9) Will you be help in recruitment of My Teachers and their Training?

Yes, we do help our partners in recruitment & training of the Teachers,   Centre Head, Attendant.

10) What kind of Training will be offered ?

A) Franchise Orientation Programme(FOP)
B) Counselor’s Training for Business Development (CTBD)
C) Facilitators’ Orientation & Training Programme(FOTP)
D) Multilevel online & offline Support right from site selection to role out the unit to generate and drive the enrollment

11) Where is the Training Held?

Training is held at respective I Play I learn Branch.

12) Would company decide the fee charged from the parent or am I free to decide on my own?

We would decide the fees as per mutual understanding & after proper survey of the area.

13) After Signing the Agreement how long will it take to start actual operations?

It usually varies between 15 days to 30 days for infrastructure development, orientation and set up   depending upon the proposed site.

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